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you people should  learn about the goetic demons like for example:


this is prince stolas, he is a long legged owl demon who teaches knowledge about astronomy and herbs to anyone who conjures him

whats not cool about an owl demon

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Twelve’s first words upon awaking in “Listen” were the Fourth Doctor’s first words after regenerating.

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Remarkable Make Up Art from Russia by Veronica Azaryan

The artist Veronica Azaryan St. Petersburg reveals the absolutely magnificent works: the art of makeup on women. The end result is remarkable, faces painted in solid colors and some gold paint splashed or sprinkled with colored pigments creating beautiful texture sets. A to discover in the rest of the article work.

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I did something really stupid last night.


Like. God. I keep thinking about it, and I’m just like:


and then I just get like:


Then I realize I can’t do anything about it now, sooo:


"Your friends are the family you chose."

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If you ever wonder what Gavin noises sounds like, just take a listen at the beautiful and harmonic sounds of GavinoFree


Private pat-down by Misha Collins (x)